Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be Cute With Dotted Stuff

Assalamualaikum =)
Does anyone feel the same way like me that dots is the most cute pattern ever! i have some dotted stuff that i like so much. they even go well together! from top, bag, until shoes. Here they are...

1. "Finale Sephora" blue shirt

hijabi fashion

I've fallen for this lovely top ever since i first laid my eyes on it. i bought it at the mall at Jogjakarta for about Rp180.000,00 or US$ 20. Because i wear hijab i need to put on white long sleeves-tee under this shirt. try not to wear the tight ones because thats not proper. mix them with white or creamy hijab + straight jeans + flat boots + necklace, and you will make a lovely result!

2. "Graphis" pink top


I spent my last money buying this cute top. I bought it for
Rp120.000,00 or US$ 13. After i saw this i tried this on without think first. I was shocked that i had only Rp140.000,00 in my purse and the price written was Rp150.000,00. Thank God the shop gave discount so i could buy it lol you know how i felt right?! i love this top cause it makes me look less skinny! Mix it with tank-top + short (if you dont wear hijab, of course) + flat shoes OR white long sleeves-tee (for hijabi girls) and straight jeans.

3. Pretty "Pearl" Necklace

hijabi style

Ssssstt. I stole this from my sister's! lol yes, it's hers. She bought it at the mall at Balikpapan but i have no idea how much did she pay for this pretty necklace. Use it with the pink top above then you will make the whole look perfect!

4. "Nevada" white flat
busana muslim

You're probably wondering "why is this dirty?". The answer is because i've had it for a year. its not a new stuff at all. i totally forget the price as well. But overall this shoes is very comfortable to wear and it will make a pretty look!

5. "Rumah Warna" purple bag

busana jilbab

My old brother and his wife gave this to me as my birthday present so i'm not sure how much did they pay this for. I like this shoulder bag a lot that i've even never wear this because i'm too concerned of mixing it with suitable clothes!

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