Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello, everyone!

Assalamualaikum :) What should i write on my first post?? Well, i guess i just need to introduce myself!
You gotta see my "about me" first before.. alright? then you'd find what my name is.
I'm creating this fashion blog because i've seen bunch of fashion blogs or hijabi fashion blogs, but very hardly fit my style. My style is mostly cute with loose tops/tees, jeans, and hijab for sure.
Hijabi (or called scarf;jilbab) is a cloth that put on by muslim women, well not ALL of muslim women. The request to put on scarf and cover our whole body except face and hand is written on our holy book named Al-Quran. Also, we're not good supposed to show people our bodies' indentation.
I've been wearing hijab for about 2 years, and i'm pretty sure that i'm not completely wearing hijab properly, yet. So I hope as time goes by, i can learn how and finally become a good muslimah =)

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