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Most Favorite 2000s TV Animes

Assalamualaikum =)
I realized how messy my room was when i was about to clean it up this morning. then i found my old drawing from 7th grade, i guess.
this is it....

what do you think? i was actually surprised seeing how good it is (well i think it's pretty good lol) remembering i suck at drawing now. yeah, i dont draw anymore. It's Cardcaptor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら Kādokyaputā Sakura). I really liked this show when i was a kid.

So, i decide to write about some popular tv animes which were aired here in indonesia in early 2000s (not in particular order).


cardcaptor sakura

This is a story about Sakura Kinomoto who has magical powers after she accidentally frees a set of magical cards from a book and must recollect them to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world. Along the way, she befriends Syaoran Li (who i had a crush on :p), a descendant of the maker of the cards, who initially is her rival for the cards and in love.
This anime belongs to shojo, where its intended to girl watchers or readers. No wonder, every girl loves this show cause its interesting storyline and we'd love to see how they (Sakura and Li) end up the problems.


detective conan


This is a story about Shinichi Kudo, a prodigious young detective who was inadvertently transformed into a child due to a poison. In order to hide his identity and investigate the whereabouts of the syndicate, he adopts the pseudonym Conan Edogawa. As Conan, Jimmy continues solving criminal cases, usually posing as Richard Moore with the help of special gadgets, invented by his neighbor and friend, Dr. Agasa.
This anime and manga had become the most favorite among Indonesian children whether boys and even girls, because most of children liked adventures, learning new things, and solving cases.


chibi maruko chan

This is a story about the simple, everyday life of a little girl nicknamed Maruko and her family. She's lazy, disorganized and usually late for school, in strong contrast with her neat, calm and tidy older sister. Her bestfriend nicknamed Tama-chan is an intelligent girl and she doesnt include herself in other activities with Maruko. There are various kids in her class, a rich boy, geek, mischievous, weird, preppy, and many others.
Every girl loved to watch this show because its strong characters, funny, and entertaining story.


samurai x
This is a story about an assassin named Himura Kenshin who becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan. He meets a young woman named Kamiya Kaoru who was in the middle of a fight. Kenshin decides to help her and defeats the fake Battōsai. After discovering that Kenshin is the real Battōsai, she offers him a place to stay at her dojo. Kenshin accepts and begins to establish lifelong relationships with many people such as Sagara Sanosuke, a former Sekiho Army member; Myoujin Yahiko, an orphan from samurai family; and a doctor named Takani Megumi.
The series has been highly popular in Japan, United States and Europe. It has ranked between the 100 most watched series in Japan multiple times.



This is a story about hamster named Hamtaro who goes on adventures and make friends with other hamsters. He is owned by a 10 year-old girl named Hiroko Haruna. He has a best-friend named Koushi or Gembul (in indonesian) who owned by Kana. He loves delicious food, especially sunflower seed. Curious by nature, they venture out each day to make friends and go on adventures with a clan of fellow hamster friends known as The Ham-Hams with their leader named Taishou or Boss.
Ever since hamtaro was aired, every kid wanted to own hamsters making this animal became popular here.


honeybee hutch hatchi

This is a story about a young bee named Hutch or Hachi (in indonesian) who goes on adventures to search for his mom. They are separated when his native beehive is destroyed by an attack of wasps. It has sad and cruel scripts where in many episodes Hutch would befriend another insect, only to see his new friend die a violent and painful death.
This tv serie was first aired in Japan in 1970, and re-edited in 1990s. Lots of indonesian children remember this show because of its theme song which translated to indonesian is easy to sing and its unforgettable tones.


pretty cure

This is a story about two girls named Nagisa Misumi (Cure Black) and Honoka Yukishiro (Cure White) searching for the Prism Stones, and they place them in a heart-shaped device known as the Prism Hopish. The Hopish is protected by the Guardian, Wisdom. Once they have discovered all the Prism Stones, its power takes them to the Garden of Light and repairs most of the damage done by the Dark Zone.
The series is watched mostly by elementary and secondary students in Japan; it is also broadcast around the world.



This is a story about Dr. Slump who builds what he hopes will be the world's most perfect little girl robot, named Arale Norimaki. In general, the manga focuses on Arale's misunderstandings of humanity and Senbei's inventions, rivalries, and romantic misadventures.
This comedy series is filled with puns and bathroom jokes. The theme song was changed to Indonesian and had strange yet goofy verses. "Wajah besaaaar, wajah besaaar, wajah besaaaar, tidaaaaaak!" Do you remember now? :D


azuki bunny

This is a story about a young schoolgirl named Azusa Noyama, nicknamed Azuki-chan because when she was younger she was accidentally called Azuki. She has a crush on a guy named Yuunosuke (or mike in english) who memorizes her name which becoming the first girl he notices. Azuki is overjoyed, and instantly falls in love with him.
This tv series is telling about her school and love life. Lots of primary school students in Indonesia liked to watch this funny and entertaining show which opened their eyes about love stuff.


wedding peach

This is a story about three love angels in the form of three school girls, Momoko Hanasaki (Wedding Peach), Yuri Tanima (Angel Lilly), and Hinagiku Tamano (Angel Daisy). The three girls must fight to overcome the evils of the devils, as well as their own lives, and restore peace to the angel world by gathering all pieces of the Sacred Four Somethings (or Saint Something Four) and defeat the evil queen once and for all.
This series was loved by girls and has become the most favorite among the other shows.

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