Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion alert!: Ethnic Style

Assalamualaikum =)
It took about a week till im finally done writing this post! I had been planning to write about my ethnic stuff collection, but since i was busy preparing for school (school started on last thursday), taking pictures, and editing, im able to finished it like today!

So, this picture above is a few of my ethnic stuff such as necklaces, bracelets, and dress. I think the first ethhnic stuff i bought is a necklace which originally made in East-Kalimantan/Borneo (the place where i was born) when i was in primary school. I was going out with my parents to find some gifts for old friends and i was attracted to the beauty of necklace with black color, then i told my mom to buy it for me. I've never worn it until today, though.
\Since i was in middle school, i've been liking bracelets, mostly ethnic as well. They're originally from every place in Indonesia, from Kalimantan, Java, Bali, up to Sulawesi. Everytime i and my bestfriends go on vacation, we always buy gifts for each other, mostly bracelets. So this kinda becomes our habit. The most unique bracelet i own is from Manado, Sulawesi. The seller said that bracelets were very hard to make since they are made from shells. I didnt forget to buy the shells necklace too. They are cool.
My mom used to collect ethnic necklaces. The major of my ethnic necklaces were given by my mom. The last time my mom bought necklace for me is a month ago in Jogjakarta. It's pretty and i like to wear it.

That's me wearing my batik dress which combined with high-waisted jeans skirt. Batik is one of our cultural dress originally come from Java. We, high school students often wear it in every formal occasion. Some old people are used to wear it in informal cases so its not rare to find people wearing them.The hijab i wear is a two-tone colors hijab, called Paris. It's so popular in Indonesia. You'll see every hijabi girl wearing them with different colors. The bow style was totally a try-out!

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Ethnic by novarusma featuring Lanvin shoes


  1. i just love ur blog!!!

  2. love that high-waisted skirt <3 where did you get it ? it looks cute on you too :)

  3. @nisanichan: thanks!! my mom bought me that. She got it from Samarinda, East-Kalimantan.

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