Saturday, July 3, 2010

Japanese Cultural Festival aka Bunkasai

Assalamualaikum =)
This time i'll post my original photos when i and my friends was attending bunkasai on last march.
We wore our originally-made kimonos (or actually, its yukata) which was my friend's idea to create these dresses with some modification. In case you're wondering whats the main difference between yukata and kimono is that yukata is a simple, casual, and informal kimono that mostly is worn on summer.

kimono modifikasi
from left to right: Arum (the one who's not wearing hijab, Marisa (my bestfriend who was wearing the blue yukata),and me.

kimono modification
its me. yeah i was singing on the stage just to enliven the event lol but seriously i'm not really good at singing. haha

As you can see our yukata modification is just a mini dress and it has fringed-sleeves where you can swing them and for the belt, its a 2.5 metres shawl. Its a pretty simple dress except for the shawl. you need to spin it around and around and around.... and to make it prettier, we make a huge ribbon on the back of it. im sorry i forgot taking a picture of it.

This is the picture of bunkasai in japan.... in case you're wondering..

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