Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Don't Want To Die Like This

Assalamualaikum =)
A few days ago i watched Oprah Show. It was talking about the deadly germ which killed 48000 americans in one year (according to, way bigger than HIV cases. She presented Tanya, a 30-something chef, the victim of MRSA, a flesh-eating bacteria. It spreads through contact with skin or contaminated surfaces. Not everyone who tests positive for the bacteria has an infection — some just carry the germ and spread it to others.

The Symptoms
It had begun when Tanya was chopping celery at work, when her knife slipped and cut her finger. A few hours later, Tanya says she pulled her right shoulder while lifting a heavy pot of potatoes off the stove. She felt a sharp pain but attributed it to muscle strain. Later that night, Tanya's teeth started chattering, and her temperature skyrocketed to 105.
Within 60 hours of cutting her finger, Tanya was fighting for her life. She had contracted necrotizing fasciitis—commonly called flesh-eating bacteria—and had to be airlifted to a larger hospital for emergency surgery. Doctors say they watched in horror as the deadly bacteria jumped from her arm into her chest...right before their eyes. Doctors began by amputating Tanya's arm and right shoulder but then realized it had spread into her right breast. The surgeons decided to do a full right mastectomy (romoval one breast). She is left with nothing more than a thin layer of skin to protect her rib cage and right lung. (credit:

How To Prevent
The best way to stop MRSA from spreading is to wash your hands often. If you have an infection, keep yourself and your house clean. Follow the directions given to you by your doctor or nurse on whether or not the infection site needs to be covered. Only use antibiotics when they are given to you by your doctor or nurse.
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  1. Subhanallah! o wow. thats just horrible. God protect us from that!

    I love ur blog by the way!!!

  2. ihhh, ya ampunnnnn...ngeri banget.
    thank for visiting myblog, anyway :")


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